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Urban Bikes

Bikes that are street savy, so you can navigate urban environments eassily and in comfort. The bikes have street bike gearing, lightweight forks and puncture-resistant tires so nothing can slow you down.

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Clubman urban bike

Clubman urban bike (Raleigh)

The Clubman is ready to go out of the box whether your planning a light touring trip or riding to...


Grand Sport Road bike

Grand Sport Road bike (Raleigh)

The Grand Sport is the perfect bike to double as both a trainer for the road and a daytime...


Port Townsend urban bike

Port Townsend urban bike (Raleigh)

The Port Townsend is a great urban bike. The Shimano drivetrain provides plenty of gearing to get...


Roper urban bike

Roper urban bike (Raleigh)

Half 'cross bike, half urban commuter, the Roper is the landlord of both fun and versatility. The...


Rush Hour track bike

Rush Hour track bike (Raleigh)

Banked turns or bombing hills. Nothing feels as connected to the pavement and rider like a track...


Tripper Urban Bike

Tripper Urban Bike (Raleigh)

The Tripper combines the practicality of a single speed urban commuter with the geometry and tire...