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Microflate Nano Mini Inflator

Brand: Genuine Innovations

An economical mini inflator with easy to use Twist-to-Inflate CO2 flow control. New design allows the head to inflate disc wheels! Works with all Genuine Innovations threaded CO2 cartridges (except 45 gram) and Genuine Innovations Big Air! Comes packaged with one 16g threaded cartridge. All shipping costs are inlcuded.


Uses Genuine Innovations' Twist-to-Inflate CO2 Flow Control Technology

Push on for Presta or Schrader valves.

Designed for consumers using Aero or Disc wheels or just looking for an economical mini CO2 inflator.

Size / Weight:

30.6mm x 21.99mm x 44.09mm

1.205” x 0.866” x 1.736”

.818 oz; 23.2 grams


High strength glass-reinforced nylon, with brass valve internals.

Shipping costs are included.

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